Unity in Diversity

We may be just one drop but a lot of drops together make a river.

There are many different ways to say hello in the world: hola, ciao, kon’nichiwa, salut, shalom etc. The world is diverse so there are many ways to do anything. Diversity is very broad, It goes beyond what the eyes can see.  It’s adds value, diversity isn’t the problem….it is the solution. 

Tied into diversity is culture.  Culture sometimes can be who we are, how we define ourselves.  Sometimes we can loose or culture. Do we have cultural amnesia? Do we know what are culture is? 
We visited some organization that not only embrace diversity but uses it to bring everyone together. 

Green Plate Special

Green Plate Special’s mission is to inspire and empower youth to experience food in new ways through gardening, cooking and eating together.


The Hillman City Collboratory 

The Hillman City Collaboratory is a non-profit, cooperative multi-purpose space shared by grassroots organizations and individuals who care about social change, creative expression, and community building.    


YouthCare is an organization that value hard work, dedication to helping homeless youth move from survival mode into thriving and healthy young adulthood. YouthCare serves young people of many racial and ethnic backgrounds, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and religious beliefs, and seek a workforce that reflects that diversity.

There can truly be unity in diversity. We just have to remember that diversity isn’t the problem….it is the solution! 


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