Airport Life

It seems that airports haven’t been a source of luck during this trip. Let me tell you the story about howwe got stuck in Chicago….

August 15 was traveling day. We were at the airport and ready to depart to our host cities. Our home for 12 days will be Seattle. The air was filled with excitement to be in a new city and nervousness about meeting our host families. Everything was going as planned and then our flight to Chicago got delayed.

It wasn’t just our flight that got delayed almost every flight was delayed. What was the problem you ask? Baltimore airport lost its radar. This meant that no flights could enter or leave Baltimore. Where were we? We were in CT but our flight to Chicago was coming from Baltimore. Usually a delay wouldn’t be a problem but we had a connecting flight from Chicago to Seattle.

The outcome of all of this was that we missed our connecting flight to Seattle. The decision was to overnight in Chicago and fly to Seattle the next day, August 16. We arrived in Chicgao at night to find that our luggage was not there. Could the day get any better?

Oh yes it did! Despite the delays, miss flights and no luggage the day in Chicago was great! It was an unplan trip and I am happy that I got the chance to explore it. I did ask for an adventure…I sure got one. 

Next stop? Seattle…Finally!!!!



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