Is there a leader in you? 

What does it mean to be a leader? That was the question of the day. Not only does a leader lead, they also guide. 

Leadership involves an influenced, multi-directional relationship between leaders and followers that is on-coercive.

There are many people around us that are in leadership positions but they are being a boss instead of being a leader. What are qualities that make someone a leader? What separates a leader from the rest. 

Being a leader is a give and take realtionship…like canoeing. 

Yesterday we went canoeing. It was a very interesting experience. Being able to canoe involves team work. If one person isn’t doing there job the boat will not go where it needs to go. The person in the back of the boat steers it and the person in the front helps to move it. Yesterday my boat mates learn a very important lesson in team work. At first we were all doing what we wanted and weren’t working together and the boat didn’t move much. Then we started coordinating our movements and it all started to work. 

Like that canoe, being a leader takes teamwork. It involves more than one person doing what they are suppose to do. 

Leadership is action not position.



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