A rainy day…causes a delay. 

Today was a very rainy day in Vermont and it has changed a lot of plans. The rain I believe is a blessing. It brings a lot of things with it, hope, newness…it’s  a cleansing. 

I found myself on this raining day reflecting. Reflecting on who I am and what brought me on this journey. I was asked today,  along with the other adult mentors, “what drew me to apply to this program?”

I found that a lot of the adult mentors ideas are the same. We want to learn as much as we can, gain experience, make connects and take all of this achievements back to our home country. We want to help develop our country and be a part of change. 

After I answered the question, a number of emotions ran through me. I was shock, surprised, happy and then I felt at peace about my response. Two years ago I did not think that I would be living at home working on developmenting my island. I actually wanted to be as far away from the Bahamas as I could be. My my…how things have changed. 

I am happy that I ended up where I am today. I am a part of  a great team at One Eleuthera foundation doing great things for my island. I’m working with great people who share the same passions as I am.; Service, community, improvement, change…that list could go on forever. 

Being able to share my journey with the adult mentors has helped to discovery that my choice to stay was the right one. I feel validated that I am at the right place in life doing what I need to do. 

With the rain comes a sense of understanding….a sense of peace. 


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