Welcome to Vermont!

When life gives you lemons you make lemonaid. 

Never has that statement been more truer than it has today. 5 hours spent in the airport AFTER arrival. Five Youth Ambassdor groups had already arrived, our bags were in the bus and we were ready to go. Then the airport was put on lock down, which meant that none of the flights could land. This also meant that the flight from Jamaica with the last group in it couldn’t land. So we sat and waited. 

We were given a lemon and the students made lots of lemonaid. I’m proud of the students today. They didn’t complain and they took the day in stride. They bonded, socliazed and got to know one another. Never will I look at the JFK airport the same way again. We finally arrived into Vermont at 11:15pm. Better late than never I say. 

To help pass the time we were thought the banana song. Have you heard about the banana song? Let me teach it to you. 

The banana song:

Peel banana peel peel banana x3

Go bananas go go bananas x2

So it basically takes 3 peels to peel a banana correct? So the first line of the song you will be peeling the banana with your right hand and making wavy motions down. The second line you will be peeling with your left hand and making wavy motions down. The third line will be sung in a whisper. And the last two lines…you’re going to go bananas! Basically dance crazy.

And there you have the banana song. 

Happy peeling!! 😉


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